At 5:30am this morning we were notified by our data centre that Ransomware had been injected and replicating through our network.
All our servers run on Linux Operating systems so the Ransomeware did not affect any of the files or user data stored on the servers but could have infected any website users using windows operating systems.
With this information a decision was made to take all servers offline until a security audit was completed and all disks where scanned and all threats were removed.

Several Patches have been installed on our network to minimise the risk of this attack again, but the truth of it is that these attackers can and will alter their code to try these attacks again.
The attack was not targeted at Cpanel Ireland directly but was spread through other networks across the country.

All Servers are now back on-line and rest assured that no information held on the Cpanel Ireland Network was retrieved or compromised.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

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