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7th Nov 2020
Cpanel 72 Released

Introducing cPanel & WHM Version 72 cPanel & WHM Version 72 comes with a focus on improving backups, security, and application development. You will see some of the highlights below were also included in Version 70. Take a look and update today! Then join us on Slack, Discord, or Reddit to talk more about all the new ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2018
Eir Data and Security breach June 2018

Hi all,  My name is Francis Comerford, as some of you may already know I am the owner of Cpanel Ireland we provide Web Hosting, Online Security advice, Website development and much more, I am a new start up business but have been managing hosting accounts ,Servers and creating websites for the past 20 years or more. . Yesterday I discovered a ... Read More »

19th Jun 2018
Cpanel 70 Released

Read MoreNew features Kernel Care options replace hardened kernel Apache SpamAssassin™ enabled by default on new accounts Help links in cPanel user interface Email account spam threshold Apache graceful restarts Reindex IMAP Full-Text Search (FTS) Suspend and hold outgoing email Global options to disable AutoSSL notifications MySQL® ... Read More »

9th May 2018
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